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Gentle Birth, an Easy Way to Give Birth to a Baby Calmly

At present, gentle birth is increasingly popular among pregnant women, especially those living in urban areas. Gentle birth method is believed to provide calmness during childbirth and minimal pain. Is that really the case? Gentle birth is a term of normal delivery done calmly so that it can reduce pain. Gentle birth is often done using the hypnobirthing method. This method is a combination of hypnosis techniques to help with relaxation and ultimately can reduce fear, anxiety, and pain during labor. The Secret of Gentle Birth Makes Birth Calm Waiting during childbirth is a tense time for many pregnant women. Sometimes there is worry and hope of anxiety after a long wait to meet with the baby, plus a variety of stories about the pain during childbirth that can make pregnant women feel scared. There is no harm in feeling anxious or afraid when facing childbirth, provided it is not excessive. Excessive fear actually has the potential to trigger unbearable pain during childbirth. W
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Rows of Effective Natural Breath Shortness Medication

Shortness of breath is a condition that can be dangerous and indeed should be checked by a doctor immediately. However, to temporarily relieve it, you can use some natural shortness of breath medicines that are believed to be effective for relieving breathing. Shortness of breath or dyspneu is a condition where a person has difficulty breathing. The causes vary, can be from the respiratory tract and lungs, can also from the heart. That is why, shortness of breath needs to be examined by a doctor so that the cause can be known and given appropriate treatment. Although this condition requires medical treatment, to alleviate it for a while, there are several natural shortness of breath remedies that you can use. Generally, natural shortness of breath remedies work by relieving the respiratory tract. Therefore, these drugs are more effective in dealing with shortness of breath due to problems in the respiratory tract. Recognize a Row of Effective Natural Breath Shortness Medications

Many types of cancer that occur in Indonesia

Until now, cancer is still one of the leading causes of death in the world. In Indonesia, cancer is also quite high, and even tends to increase every year. So, it is important for you to know the types of cancer and how to prevent them early. Generally, the symptoms of cancer are not realized by sufferers, so many cancer sufferers only visit the doctor when there are complaints. Not infrequently at that time the cancer was in an advanced stage. Types of Cancer to Watch Out for From a variety of cancer, there are several types of cancer that are experienced by many Indonesians, namely: Lung cancer Lung cancer can affect both men and women, with the main risk factor for someone experiencing lung cancer is smoking. Not only active smokers who have lung cancer, passive smokers can experience it. Although it takes a process, but you are advised to try to stop smoking and avoid cigarette smoke. Breast cancer Breast cancer is commonly experienced by women, although it is sti